Why users don’t want to use your app?

Arda Gözüpek

Product Manager

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Sometimes entrepreneurs think they have the resources and ideas to be able to successfully create an application from scratch and provide value to our users and in some occasions they can succesfully deal with all the investments and development phase and it seems like the app is built and ready to reach thousands of users but still most of the apps are having a depressive progress after the initial launch on the store. Why? Because when their potential early users use the app, they don’t connect with the app and they don’t want to keep experiencing the same emotions they felt during the initial use of the app.

How can we increase our chances to make users love and connect with our app?


• First of all answer this question, “Which problem is your app solving?”

Why should a user download your beloved app? You should give them a reason for them to care, download and use casually.

For an app to create any kind of value to users, there has to be a problem that user wants to solve and that solution should be using your app. To have interest of the people, you must ensure that you’re solving a problem that people really want to get rid of. If you can find an immensely annoying problem and a simple and practical solution, you will have a good chance of becoming the app your users obsess!


• It is built in a way that YOU prefer

We tend to think that we know our target user group so good that we don’t need any external validation of our ideas so we directly start the development phase to launch our product to the market quickly. What happens next is disappointment and a lot of design and development effort to re-develop the app in a way that your target users want it to be.

If we want to have a successful app, we shouldn’t do what we think is the best, what we should do is trying to understand what does our target user group want.

Best way to do this is doing interviews and usability tests before going the development phase.

Ask quality questions to your target users and try to find pieces of the puzzle so in the end you will complete the puzzle and find your successful startup idea that users love!


• Is your app simple enough?

These days none of us have anytime to learn how to use an app, we want to open the app and directly start using the app. It’s utterly important to understand that a successful app should be intuitive and informative.

Users can guess what they should do next, based on hints and visual elements. Keep in mind that what your users feel while using your app is what matters to make them loyal users. Having high quality user experience(UX) is vital on today’s world.


• Your app looks boring

Having high quality user interfaces not only looks interesting but also can lead the user’s attention to where you want by using basic design principals like Visual Hierarchy. This way you, as an owner, can be sure that every user that opens your app focuses on what you want them to see. You can feature any element or idea that you want by having a good designer and designing with various design principals to meet your goals.






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