We are ideal for

Entrepreneurs who know their markets,
but need technical help to realize their visions!

entrepreneur profile
Jacob Henderson
Cofounder@LocalMed ($40M Exit)
Smartup Network built our mobile and web products, we worked together to grow our user base and received funding. I have been working with the Smartup Network team for 2.5 years now and I have never felt at a disadvantage because they are not here in the US with me, they are just a video call away in minutes.
Dennis Vilovic | Software Development
Dennis Vilovic
Business Development Director, Entrepreneur
Great team, great knowledge, great energy! Smartup Network's team helped us transform an idea into a workflow and a product. Their inputs and ideas have been very valuable at that very early stage of our entrepreneurial journey.
Marcel scheuscher | Software Development
Marcel Scheuschner
VOIP Engineer, Entrepreneur
Not only did Smartup Network plan and execute an awesome product for us, they worked with us on overseeing the process ourselves! Now we can completely manage our own product development!
Luzuko Mbotya
CFO, Hollard Insurance
We had a great experience working with Smartup Network. They held our hand throughout the process, providing constructive input and good commercially advise based on the wealth of experience in online business. I highly recommend Smartup Network.
We offer a systematic approach to

Build your product, turn over development to you,
and help you transition to your own team!

We Manage Your Product Development

As a non-technical founder you haven't recruited and managed a technical team. Let us initially take care of product development for you with our Build & Iterate Plans, while we help you acquire the needed know-how and skills to take over.

We Help You Get Funded

When we believe you are ready, we introduce you to our network of top quality angel investors and early stage venture funds and help you get funding!

We Help You Transition to Your Own Team

Your startup now is funded and financially stronger. As your user base grows, you may want to have all your developers on your own payroll. It is now time for us to help you transition to your own team!



Smartup Network is a team of entrepreneurs that have experience in building, raising funds and selling startups. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs with bright ideas who don't have the proper team to turn their ideas into products. Our three main areas of expertise are:

We build their products for entrepreneurs whether they are at idea stage or post-MVP stage.

Product Management
We work alongside entrepreneurs to find the ideal product user experience for their target markets.

Finding Investment
Once our entrepreneurs' products begin showing traction, we get them in contact with the right investors.

So far, we have had the opportunity to build startup 35 products in 16 countries, for entrepreneurs from all over the world including San Francisco, Seattle, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, Dubai, Johannesburg, Accra, Quito and Istanbul. You can find some of the latest successes of our entrepreneurs' apps through this link. Smartup Network partners with well known startup hubs all over the world. Including but not limited to, Switzerland based Seedstars, which supports startups in developing countries, Boston New Technology Group in the United States and Impact Hub Istanbul, the world-renowned startup hub for social entrepreneurs. Startup experts from all over the world such as. Trivago founder and CEO Rolf Schrömgens and Sina Afra, who was named One of Top 100 Most Influential Tech People in the world by Wired Magazine. Our goal is to support as many entrepreneurs as possible realize their dreams.

Smartup Network
Technical Partner For Your Startup