We've been to the mountain top!

  • Can B.
  • Guclu T.
  • Can G.
  • Omer E.
  • Ayse I.
  • Nicole B.
  • Cemsu A.
  • Kelsey B.
  • Kazim E.

Sold Mobile Analytics Startup, To Clicktale!

We made FlightRecorder, an all-in-one mobile app analytics and user engagement platform, possible. FlightRecorder allowed app owners to gain valuable quantitative and qualitative insights on how users were interacting with their apps. FlightRecorder was acquired by ClickTale, a global leader in Click Rate Optimization.

Sold Video Startup, In Silicon Valley!

We built the first cloud-based video analysis solution for athletes, Sprongo. Sprongo became immensely popular in winter sports. Over 55% of licensed ski racers in the US had accounts on the site and more than 1,500,000 videos were analyzed. Sprongo was acquired by a Colorado based investment group.

Sold Healthcare Startup, To Local Government!

We've built J-Med and re-thought how hospitals can increase their efficiency. State hospitals that used our the healthcare enterprise resource planning system genereated over $10 M revenue through electronic billings. The Turkish Ministry of Health acquired J-Med.

Sold Restaurant Review Service, To Zomato!

We guided Mekanist, Turkey's Yelp, through its growing pains to bliss. Mekanist covered over 200,000 restaurants and was used over 6 million times per month to search for restaurants. Zomato, a global leader in restaurant search and discovery, acquired Mekanist.

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