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The internet infrastructure is rapidly expanding and evolving in our world. With the advent of Industry 4.0, IoT (Internet of Things) has transitioned from being a mere concept to playing a significant role in our lives. Perhaps without even realizing it, we frequently encounter and utilize IoT technology. In this week's article, we have decided to explain IoT technology to you. Let's delve into it together. Our first question is, what is IoT and where is it used?


What is IoT and Where Do We Use It?

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a system that enables devices to transfer data over the internet and receive data from the environment. Within this system, data processes occur in M2M (Machine to Machine) communication, M2P (Machine to People) communication, and P2P (People to People) communication.


Now, let's explore where we use IoT, or the "Internet of Things," with examples. For instance, in smart home systems commonly advertised, IoT is utilized in the management of household appliances, climate control, lighting, and heating settings. We frequently encounter it in toll collection systems on bridges and highways, OGS (Automatic Pass System) devices, as well as in payment systems for metros and buses. Other applications include Industry, Logistics, Vehicle Tracking, Payment Systems, and many more areas, some of which we may not have listed, but are currently in use and will continue to be in the future.

Components of IoT

After examining "What is IoT and Where Do We Use It?" let's now explore the components of IoT while operating in various domains.


The Gateway component is closely related to the next heading, "Sensors and Smart Devices." Its role is to serve as a gateway between sensors and the main computer, facilitating the connection of data sent by sensors and smart devices to the central system. In other words, it acts as a gateway between sensors and the network, as implied by its name.

2-Sensors and Smart Devices

Sensors and smart devices facilitate data exchange both within themselves and with their surroundings. Through sensors, they transport information from their surroundings to the internet, enabling the processing of data. Sensor systems have advanced to the point where small-sized sensors with significant functionality have become part of our lives, measuring parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, capacitance, and inductance.

3-Cloud Technology

The volume of data collected from the environment often reaches large proportions. Cloud technology eliminates this problem by allowing real-time uploading, storage, and reuse of processed data, providing a practical and reliable solution.

4-Advanced User Interface

Simplified user interfaces ensure efficient user experiences by reducing complex panels for all user segments.


The analysis section is where we can most easily observe the digital transformation of data collected by sensors and smart devices through our cloud system. Machine learning is also integrated into this aspect, enabling the system to predict potential issues in the future by pouring the acquired environmental data into a machine learning-enhanced system.


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