Why perfectionism can kill your idea?

Arda Gözüpek

Product Manager

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We all want to do our best when we’re passionate about a task or an idea. It feels critical to think through every potentially important detail and not missing any point. This feeling usually appears when we value something relatively higher than the “normal” ideas, so as a result we tend to be more sensitive, both emotionally and mentally. It’s a very natural thing for your brain to behave like this since that mechanism helped us survive and evolve over the past of the human kind to these days.

Chasing the perfect might sound good at first but these days we figured out a better way to reach the “perfect” without just chasing it.


Why you should change your focus?

If you have an incredible mobile app idea and budget, your brain initially will want to have the best enterance to the market and shock the users with the magical idea of yours but that usually never works as planned. Here’s some of the reasons;


1 - Someone else can have the same idea and take action before you

While you’re trying to make the idea flawless, you’re risking your idea by delaying the time to move on to the next step. Someone else can move ahead of you just because they were not spending a lot of time on the planning phase but instead moving on to the rest of the phases of developing the idea.


2 - It’s not possible to create the perfect all alone

You are the first explorer of that idea and that’s awesome! But if you want to discover the idea to it’s fullest, you need to have assistance of people who are capable of doing things you’re not able to. If you try to explore America all by yourself because it’s not ready to tell others about it, you will most likely just get lost and never be able to see it’s real potential.


3 - You don’t utilize the power of experimenting

If you are a perfectionist, you may struggle with this idea but trust me that one is also the most beneficial point to reach the “perfect”

Don’t be scared of failing, you will learn the best lessons in life while trying and failing. So in that case the best thing to do is accepting the fact that failing is unavoidable.

As you experiment, not to succeed but to learn, you will see how much you were losing by not moving on with the idea BEFORE it’s perfect. You can try what works and what doesn’t so when you add something to your initial idea, it will be based on a real experience not just something out of your mind. That experience will give you immense confidence and evidence to give you invaluable insights about your future steps.



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