Who would be closer to being your soulmate than your HobeeMatch?

Dating can not be just about looks, right? You need a way to meet people whom you have common interests so the first date is not just another long awkward silence. And now there s platform where you filter people who like what you like and even plan your favorite activity with your date. Enjoy!

HobeeMatch, along with the other 35 different startup products developed by Smartup Network in 16 countries, has gained high traction amongst its target audience. Developed with the viral growth expertise of Smartup Network, HobeeMatch started growing at a rate that was part of the digital marketing plans made before launch. As Smartup Network, not only do we give our entrepreneur partners the best product in technical terms but also we provide guidance in digital marketing by embedding viral growth channels into the product. Having built a strong product in terms of the product's ability to grow, we introduce our entrepreneur partner to digital marketing experts with a proven track record of success so that products built by Smartup Network can fulfill their potential. After launch, we measure market feedback from our users using data analytics tools and we work with our entrepreneur partner for growth. When we reach our growth targets, we introduce our entrepreneur partner to our global investor network so that products built by Smartup Network can receive investment. The members of our investor network, angel investors and venture capital companies are eager to proceed with the investment pitch process because they know about the quality of Smartup Network products and entrepreneur partners. Click here for more information about our entrepreneur partners and their products.

Startup Traigoclub with desktop screen ecuador


Launched in June 2019, 100 products were ordered from Traigo Club in the first 3 days after the site was live!
Startup Zula Afrika three mobile app screen 6000 route

Zula Afrika

Zula Afrika, powered by Smartup Network, becomes an efficient way of transportation in Johannesburg!
African Startup eCampus Desktop 100,000 courses taken


AI supported eCampus to improve the education standard of African youth!

Smartup Network is a team of entrepreneurs that have experience in building, raising funds and selling startups. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs with bright ideas who don't have the proper team to turn their ideas into products. Our three main areas of expertise are:

We build their products for entrepreneurs whether they are at idea stage or post-MVP stage.

Product Management
We work alongside entrepreneurs to find the ideal product user experience for their target markets.

Finding Investment
Once our entrepreneurs' products begin showing traction, we get them in contact with the right investors.

So far, we have had the opportunity to build startup 35 products in 16 countries, for entrepreneurs from all over the world including San Francisco, Seattle, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, Dubai, Johannesburg, Accra, Quito and Istanbul. You can find some of the latest successes of our entrepreneurs' apps through this link. Smartup Network partners with well known startup hubs all over the world. Including but not limited to, Switzerland based Seedstars, which supports startups in developing countries, Boston New Technology Group in the United States and Impact Hub Istanbul, the world-renowned startup hub for social entrepreneurs. Startup experts from all over the world such as. Trivago founder and CEO Rolf Schrömgens and Sina Afra, who was named One of Top 100 Most Influential Tech People in the world by Wired Magazine. Our goal is to support as many entrepreneurs as possible realize their dreams.

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