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Are you a good problem solver? Do you put user satisfaction above all else? Can you build viral growth into products? Then, we have awesome opportunities for you to conceptualize and design products for the global marketplace.

This is the perfect job for aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn directly from our founders and help our clients go from ideas to viral and sticky products. Formulate product and growth strategies, put together mockups, work with designers and developers to get it built!
User Interface Designer
Do you like communicating ideas visually? Are you passionate about creating incredibly creative & clean user experiences? Do color palletes come naturally to you? Then, you should join our team and lead UI design projects for global projects from global clients.

Eager to build /demonstrate development expertise in off-the-hook, global projects? Do you feel your skills and the technologies you practice shouldn't be limited by your location? Little tolerance for own errors but can make up for other people's? Join us if you prioritize the success of the project over your own comfort, know that results are important/ focus all you energy to achieve them.

iOS Developer
Would you like to build the next generation iOS apps for global clients? Don’t limit yourself to projects from only your part of the world! We are looking for iOS developers who can take total ownership of global projects, aren’t afraid of responsibility and can deliver results. If you fit this billing, it’s time to apply.
Android Developer
Does the fragmented nature of the Android ecosystem motivate, not intimidate, you? We are looking for an Android developer responsible for the development of applications aimed at a vast number of diverse Android devices. If you are committed to to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and creating quality products, this is the job for you.
Full Stack Developer
Did the descriptions for Back-end Developer and Front-end Developer both apply to you? Are you as comfortable designing service oriented architectures as you are building robust user experiences on the front-end? We are looking for full-stack developers who can build products on their own, but can still work within the concept of a team. If you can take a project from A to Z without sacrificing quality along the way, apply to join our team now!
Backend Developer
Want to build world-class API’s without being limited by out-of-date technologies and methods? We are recruiting Back-end Developers to build RESTful APIs that will power next generation mobile and web-apps. We are mostly language-agnostic but have a slight affinity for Python, PHP, Ruby and Node.js. If you can deliver high performance back-end code while working within the concept of a team you should apply without waiting.
Front-end Developer
Do you dream of building SPAs on top of RESTful APIs, not just writing basic html, css and jQuery? We are recruiting Front-end Developers to build amazing user experiences for the global marketplace with re-usable, well-organized, well documented code. If you can talk in JSON, but still can get your hands dirty with basic html when need be, we want you on our team.
Quality Assurance Specialist
Every product needs detail-oriented, cautious, disciplined testers. The ones we build need them more because we build them for the most ambitious global customers. Knowledge of writing/running test scenarios/cases and regression testing are musts.

Would you like to interact with a global client-base? Will you put their needs above yours’? Pay attention to details to ensure their satisfaction? Then, come join our operations and become a global-player.

Affiliate Marketer
Do you know people who could use services we offer? Become and Affiliate Marketer with SmartupTeams, introduce us to your interested connections, earn commissions and ensure they get a discount as well. It's an absolute win-win-win for all involved.
Account Manager
As an Account Manager you will expand your horizons by interacting with global customers to ensure their satisfaction. We are looking for people with perfect written and spoken English. Attention to detail is a must and familiarity with CRM tools and best practices are a bonus.
Project Manager
Already PMP certified and can't stand plain waterfall not enhanced by Agile methods? Or just looking for a way to fulfill the 4500 hours of PM requirement and become PMP certified? Apply to work hands on with people who have mastered, taught and practiced both of the above, and what's more, on world class projects! Excellent written/spoken English skills, being proactive, constantly looking for what could go wrong to take preventive actions and a mindset geared towards the most competitive software markets are musts.

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Smartup Network is a team of entrepreneurs that have experience in building, raising funds and selling startups. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs with bright ideas who don't have the proper team to turn their ideas into products. Our three main areas of expertise are:

We build their products for entrepreneurs whether they are at idea stage or post-MVP stage.

Product Management
We work alongside entrepreneurs to find the ideal product user experience for their target markets.

Finding Investment
Once our entrepreneurs' products begin showing traction, we get them in contact with the right investors.

So far, we have had the opportunity to build startup 35 products in 16 countries, for entrepreneurs from all over the world including San Francisco, Seattle, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, Dubai, Johannesburg, Accra, Quito and Istanbul. You can find some of the latest successes of our entrepreneurs' apps through this link. Smartup Network partners with well known startup hubs all over the world. Including but not limited to, Switzerland based Seedstars, which supports startups in developing countries, Boston New Technology Group in the United States and Impact Hub Istanbul, the world-renowned startup hub for social entrepreneurs. Startup experts from all over the world such as. Trivago founder and CEO Rolf Schrömgens and Sina Afra, who was named One of Top 100 Most Influential Tech People in the world by Wired Magazine. Our goal is to support as many entrepreneurs as possible realize their dreams.

Smartup Network
Technical Partner For Your Startup