We are ideal for

Entrepreneurs who know their markets,
but need technical help to realize their visions!

Mert Altinok

Music Producer, Entrepreneur

Not only did Smartup Network plan and execute awesome products for us, they taught us how to oversee that process ourselves! Now we can completely manage our own product development!

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Muzi Gazioglu

Athlete, Entrepreneur

Smartup Network's team of entrepreneurs see a product as being more than a collection of features and code; they see it as an agent to first acquire, activate and retain users. Then they expect the product to turn them into brand advocates.

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Bill Harford

Management Consultant, Entrepreneur

I had a well-paying corporate job and a great startup idea. The Smartup Network way allowed me to keep my job while starting things off and use my salary to finance my idea. Now I'm on track to achieving success and fully commiting.

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We offer a systematic approach to

Build your product, turn over development
to you, and help you transition to your own team!


We Manage Product Development

As a non-technical founder you haven't recruited and managed a technical team. Let us initially take care of product development for you with our Build & Iterate Plans, while we help you acquire the needed know-how and skills to take over.


You Manage Product Development

Take the first step towards managing your own product development. Use our Dedicated Developer Plans to form a team of proven full-time developers. If you ever need help we'll be there to advise & mediate. We even offer a replacement guarantee.


Transition To Your Own Team

As your startup grows you may want to have all your developers on your own payroll. Our Dedicated Developer Plans make this transition very easy. If your dedicated developers want to join your startup, we allow you hire them away from us!



When we believe you are ready, we introduce you to our network of top quality angel investors and early stage venture funds and help you get funding!

Our non-technical founder focus works because

We prepare you, not just your product!

When deciding to make an investment all good investors evaluate the founders first and everything else second. To help you wow them, not only do we offer the dedicated Founder Boost-up Plan to help with new skill development, but we make a point of passing on our know-how to you at each phase.

We’re ideal for the “build, measure, learn loop!

Our monthly Build & Iterate Plans not only deliver you an awesome MVP, but are built to allow you to iterate to greatness. Each MVP we build comes with state of the art analytics and customer success tools, that allow you to get the insights you need to refine your product.

We are focused on getting you funded!

Getting funded is not the be-all end-all of entrepreneurial success, but it definitely helps. The right investors will not only give you the cash you want, but they’ll also put their know-how and networks to work for you. We first get you to the point whare you have everything investors look for, then introduce you to our network of approved investors.

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