The leading sports training video platform in the US, with over 3 million videos uploaded by 60,000 athletes!

Sprongo is the easy-to-use, fully-integrated cloud based mobile and web platform for teams and athletes to share and analyze their videos.


Youvoice, the anonymous chat tool with 90,000 users in 72 countries!

YouVoice is an anonymous chat application which randomly connects users through one to one voice calls. In 2017, YouVoice became a San Francisco funded product and now has 90000 users in 72 countries including France, Germany and Brazil.


Video contest app with cash prizes, 100,000 users in 4 months after launch!

With Virvi you can upload your videos/photos to compete in different contest types like best voice, best dance skills, best model or funniest video and win cash prizes. Powered by Smartup Network, Virvi acquired 100,000 users only in 4 months after its launch and signed its first sponsorship agreement.


The one and only Marketplace for Grocery Stores!

Bakkaldan is a grocery store-end user marketplace app. Your orders are delivered to you from the grocery store in "your street" - yes. you read correct, "in your street" to you in minutes without the hassle of miscommunication on the phone. First launch was in Istanbul and over 100 grocery stores have started using Bakkaldan and are receiving large orders only one month after launch! All of Istanbul will be covered in 6 months to move to the next big city.


Starthlete,the ultimate mobile application to rate players performances, used by Seattle United and RC Lenss youth academy!

Have you ever tried to rate player performances on an online platform? Starthlete enables players and coaches to rate teammates on a 1 to 5-star scale and share comments based on customizable attributes. In addition, the application prepares progress reporting according to the data gathered from the performance ratings. This whole ecosystem is actually working to provide full control for coaches and to push players to improve their performances with more frequent feedback. Starthlete has recently been launched in the United States and Europe and is currently used by some of the most prestigious youth clubs/academies in these markets like Seattle United, one of the largest youth soccer clubs on the West Coast, and RC Lenss youth academy!!

Foton Energy

How to save on your monthly household bills: Meet Foton Energy

Foton Energy is a featured Smartup that helps you optimize your household electricity consumption and enables you to save energy at home. In accordance with the Smartup way we approach energy consumption, we are supporting green businesses and a healthy environment and are proud to launch this green digital product. The first launch was in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Currated underground electronic music for any mood!

What is Reakt.fm?

Reakt.fm is a curated Underground Electronic Music channel generated based on your mood selections. Each Reaktion consists of hand-picked songs selected by Reakt.fm curators.


The exclusive dating app for discerning women!

What is Redcarpet?

Ladies, ready to find the man of your dreams? Redcarpet only allows hand-picked professional men to join its community and let's you to initiate contact with them.

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