How to sustain your startup partnership?

Most entrepreneurs start their journeys with their partners with goodwill and think that it will last forever! However, most of the times that does not end up being the case. Here are some tried & applied methods to keep the team and the partners together☺: Plan Ahead with your partners for the risky cases and Stop Fights Before They Start If there are topics you know will likely prompt a disagreement in the beginning, try tackling them before it becomes an issue. One of the most common arguments among partners occur because of the unfair workload perception. Specify each team members’ responsibilities in advance so that there are no misunderstandings moving forward. Don’t hesitate to ask for outside help. Sometimes, a neutral third party is needed in order to resolve a dispute. The entire field of mediation exists for this reason. If a professional mediator doesn’t sound appealing, you could consider using a friend or colleague, though the person you choose should be fully neutral and trained in handling disputes.