Have you met Can Gokcen, Head of Product Management at Smartup Network?

Can was the Digital Marketing Manager for Gezlong, the first company to ever be recognized as a case study in Turkey by Facebook and founded Fanatic Data, Fanatic Data, which was the First and only analytical sports blog in Turkey He was searching for the right partner to build his second product when he heard of Smartup Network and we saw that his eye for how to build a startup product was just as good, if not better, than our team. That’s when we offered him a job as Product Manager. After two years of working together, Can now serves as Head of the Product Management team at Smartup Network and his product that we built together, Starthlete, has recently been launched in the United States and Europe and is currently used by some of the most prestigious youth clubs/academies in these markets like Seattle United, one of the largest youth soccer clubs on the West Coast, RC Lens’s youth academy and the defending Turkish Super League champions, Beşiktaş! Inspiring story? More on Can and Starthlete later:)