Becoming The Lean “Smartup”!

At Smartup Network, we support, embrace and practice the Lean Methodology. The Lean Methodology basically “favors experimentation over elaborate planning” as pointed out by the Harvard Business Review. Determine your product’s “Unique Value Proposition”, which is a clear statement of what distinguishes you from the competition. Then build a “Minimum Viable Product”, a product that is just enough to “test” if your UVP really works. Refrain from adding features unless they strengthen your UVP :). This is easier said than done, so, in addition to understanding the theory, ask yourself “Is it lean to add this extra feature?’ at every step of your product plan. The first step of building a product using the Lean Methodology is creating a “Lean Canvas”. A “Lean Canvas” is a single page business plan and pretty much all the planning you need to start building your product. You can see how to go about creating a lean canvas here: So, are you ready to define the problem you want to solve and your unique value proposition?