Some advice on how to survive?

Would you like some advice on how to survive during your first year as an entrepreneur? All founders, take a deep breath and focus the solution. We all know that most of the startups fail in their first year. Startup founders who had successful exits suggest 5 important key points to building a successful startup. 1-Build a great team 2-Stay focused 3-Validate your idea 4-Be sure to have a user generating product 5-Retain your customers. We know, easier said than done right? Well, we would say do not underestimate the value of deductive reasoning and getting your goals in place in a specific and orderly fashion! And please, we are begging you to test your unique value proposition against the market demand as early as and whenever possible:) Ideas confined to the walls of your office and the minds of your teammates for a long time will slow you down no matter how brilliant they are:)